Bred for Quality. Bred with Care.

We became one of Canada’s largest providers of game birds by ensuring quality in everything we do, from breeding to the care of our pheasants. We select our stock to maximize flight, size and beauty for our customers.

Ring Neck

Females are smaller than their male counterparts however their necks are longer. They are brown in colour and are marked with black spots, particularly on their wings.

The larger males are considered to be the more beautiful of the two, with earthy colouring and long tail feathers. They are easily identified by their green head, red face, white collar and copper-gold coloured plumage with black and white spots. Their large breast muscles give them extreme power to burst into the air vertically.

Blue Back

Similar to their Ring Neck cousins, Blue Back females are brown in colour, marked with black spots around their wings.

Blue Back males are often viewed to be the most beautiful of the pheasants species, marked with their namesake blue back. Their heads are green with red and a white collar in addition to blue/silver plumage. They are smaller than their Ring Neck cousins, but their lightweight body allows them to burst into the air faster than other types of pheasants.

Melanistic Mutant

Females look similar to Melanistic Mutant males, however they are smaller and less colourful. Their signature iridescent sheen tends to be more black with a blue shimmer. Their tail feathers are also shorter than their male counterparts.

Contrasting from other types of pheasants, the Melanistic Mutant male features iridescent blue-green plumage throughout its entire body. It has a beautiful sheen of colours in the sunlight including blue, purple and green. With long tail feathers, coloured brown and black, they are slightly larger than Ring Neck Pheasants, weighing about half a pound more on average.

Ordering Process

Please note that all orders are filled on a first come, first booked basis. Orders must be placed prior to hatching as we do not hatch extra birds for last minute orders. To ensure that we can fulfill your needs, please contact Andy early spring.

  • Eggs – only available in spring
  • Day Olds – only available in spring
  • Poults (6-7 weeks old) – contact for availability
  • Mature Adults – available in the fall